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Historically it has been observed that industrial revolutions can take years, even decades, to penetrate developing markets such as Pakistan. However, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – identified by technological breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, digitalization, and the Internet of Things – has been quick to reach every corner of the world. In this day and age, technology is an indispensable part of our daily lives. We use multiple devices a day, from smart phones to smart refrigerators, all aiming to make our lives easier and more seamless.

The 4IR is characterized not by major technological advancements but instead features progression in the ways we communicate and connect with each other, subsequently improving the efficiency of business and organizations dramatically and blurring the lines between physical and digital spheres. The global map has been permanently altered, much faster than initially predicted, due to the disruption caused by rapid development of big data, digital infrastructure, AI, blockchain technology and IoT.

To keep up with ever changing technological trends, marketing channels and techniques are also changing. Markets are moving towards digital marketing and unconventional marketing tactics are being employed to create more impact more efficiently. Social media is an integral part of this movement, with more and more consumers looking towards peer reviews to decide their next purchase.

All of this leads to a phenomenon called influencer marketing – people like you and I or she and he creating value for products and services just by talking about something they enjoyed consuming! Users having big profiles in terms of following are being recognized as “influencers”, who could sway the purchasing power of a larger audience.

The idea has been around for a few years, with bloggers earning millions of dollars by featuring a product in their blog posts or YouTube videos. But only now have brands started to truly realize the kind of benefit it can give to them. Brand managers are actively searching for these influencers and place great value on influencers that can help them amplify the reach of their offerings.

This is where SocialCxN steps in – a next generation Influencer Relationship Management Tool designed to connect brands with influencers for 100% paid digital campaigns across multiple digital platforms, founded in the USA and now led by Mr. Yasir Shirazi. SocialCxN takes the risk out of digital interactions for both the brands and influencers by providing a secure and easy-to-use platform that seamlessly connects brands with influencers. Influencers and brands sign up on the platform for free and have the option of creating their own campaigns or hiring the team at SocialCxN to do it. From choosing influencers and platforms, to generating reports and releasing payments, SocialCxN can help brands reach unprecedented heights for their goods and services. The platform offers the following key features to its users:

  1. Influencer Smart Search using various filters
  2. Team Collaborations
  3. Real Time Messaging
  4. Campaign Payment
  5. Yearly ROI Reporting
  6. Intelligent Campaign Recommendations
  7. Eliminates Manual Workflows
  8. Automated Influencer Marketing Reporting

Today, the first of its kind Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platform boasts of a pool of over 1,000 registered influencers with a combined viewership of millions, entertaining a variety of interest groups and demographics. SocialCxN has also worked with Fortune500 Companies and other multi-national brands including Uber, British Council, Pepsi, Colgate, Garnier, Mindshare, Total, Nestle and more. Along with having increased visibility and lower costs than other BTL and ATL channels, SocialCxN is also elevating productivity in the process, utilizing automated tools to cater to both brands and influencers, and can gauge their campaigns in numbers using transparent results and cause benefit from clear ROI propositions. This is influencer marketing 101 and it is taking over the world by storm.

July 22, 2018 Press Release

‘TheJourney.pt’, Europe’s leading accelerator for Global Tourism & Hospitality Industry has joined hands with SocialCxN. With this exciting partnership, SocialCxN will be working with top global brands in this business segment to help disrupt the Tourism industry globally! Key focus areas would be Customer Care, Ambassador Programs, New Business Development, Social Listening, and eCommerce.

Out of hundreds of start-ups that applied worldwide to this program, SocialCxN is one of 20 that have been selected by ‘TheJourney.pt’ for this partnership. That is a great achievement indeed!!!

Corporate Brands managing ‘TheJourney.pt’ recognize influencer marketing as a critical tool. Led by SocialCxN, these global brands plan to transform how marketing is done in the said industry – taking things to a whole different level.

The digital presence of target consumers for brands backing ‘TheJourney.pt’ across the globe is in billions. Social media is the leading wing where users spend a majority of their time daily. Among them are profiles that are known to make an impact on their followers and users in general. Today’s marketing world recognizes them as “influencers” as influencer marketing is starting to become the mainstream.

Headquartered in the United States and has operations in different countries, SocialCxN is partnering with brands and companies coming from different sectors. The platform has expanded its horizon, proving to be effective for a diverse range of businesses. It specializes in services that businesses from diverse industries are effectively benefitting from, which is why ‘TheJourney.pt’, being Europe’s top accelerator has joined hands with SocialCxN.

The marketing prospect is now biased towards the digital world. Since the mainstream status is rapidly shifting towards digital and with influencer marketing being the outright option for brands, SocialCxN’s managed services are providing the real deal to stakeholders at large. Influencer marketing is still a juvenile industry in many countries around the world. Certain conventional methods and practices are rampant and this is where SocialCxN’s automated platform is making a difference.

SocialCxN is looking to create an exciting partnership and all eyes of the industry experts and analysts in Europe are on it now. For SocialCxN, working with global brands backing ‘TheJourney.pt’ would be a monumental experience. Possibilities are endless in the Tourism & Hospitality vertical and SocialCxN is looking to create a significant difference with this partnership.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us page…

July 22, 2018 Press Release

SocialCxN bags a spectacular feat! HFS Research, which is one of the leading tech-research companies in the world, has recognized SocialCxN as one of the best digital startups in the social media marketing vertical. HFS research officially declares SocialCxN as a top player in the technology space in the United States and has been labeled as a ’must-have software vendor’ for B2C and B2C Corporations.

SocialCxN was selected from a pool of thousands of technology ventures globally. It is a platform that effectively engages brands and influencers, connecting both parties to run social media campaigns to target existing and potential customers.

We know that the prospect of marketing and advertising is ever-evolving with the digital world being the source of endless opportunities. Social media leads at the front, having billions of users consuming content constantly. Users having big profiles in terms of following are being recognized as “influencers”, who could sway the purchasing power of a larger audience. This is influencer marketing 101 and it is taking over the world by storm.

Leading brands and Fortune 500 companies are switching towards influencer marketing as the priority. Considering how our lives are intertwined with the digital spectrum, influencer marketing is becoming the next big thing. SocialCxN is elevating productivity in the process, utilizing automated tools to cater to both, brands and influencers. Having Fortune 500 brands onboard, SocialCxN can gauge their campaigns in numbers, use transparent results and benefit from clear ROI propositions.

Known as HfS Hot Vendors, it is a group of emerging companies with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice™. It is a status granted on a company’s distinctiveness in its business proposition, business model, and offerings, its ecosystem, financial position and impact on clients.

SocialCxN as one of the HfS Hot Vendors is recognized to have the strategy and vision to disrupt the market. Hand-picked by experts and analysts, HfS Hot Vendors are modeled to solve one of the biggest problems in business and capture opportunities flying around in the market.

The research also cites the platform’s automated approach to everything as profoundly a better practice in providing a smart and streamlined support in engaging campaigns on digital networks and effectively managing brand-influencer interactions. SocialCxN utilizes a blockchain to see through all exchange and it is one of the technological breakthroughs which makes a massive difference.

The research yielded first-hand feedback from SocialCxN’s clients. It is revealed that clients increasingly find SocialCxN a platform to tap into the potential which was left out in the market. Putting social media impressions and clicks to use, the platform is better at recognizing the area and making a strong impact with successfully utilized digital campaigns. You can download the original HFS here or contact us for more info.

How to Optimize Your influencer Marketing Strategies
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

People today try to find role models to follow along. For this reason, popular students in both schools and colleges often act as unintentional advertisers.

Marketers picked up the idea and flipped that phenomenon in an effective marketing strategy -Influencer Marketing.

It is considered as the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel, influencer promotion has beaten such traditional marketing methods as organic, paid search, and as well as with email marketing.

What is the secret why Influencer Marketing Strategy gaining momentum these days?

It helps you buy consumer confidence. To create online purchases, people want to see and hear real-life adventure coming out of a social media star instead of standard advertising praises.

Let us now see how businesses can earn brand awareness and profit by influencer marketing rather than just investing time and money in a famous name.

1. Search your influencer

The idea of advertising an online store by way of an influencer using all the largest possible audience is very good just on paper.

You need to consider the relevancy of influencer to your brand.

A small specialized niche blogger who has created an honest connection with his audience can be a terrific selection for your brand.

Sometimes to increase your social media engagement, you need to promote the via prime niche bloggers and therefore can opt for everyday customers.

This plan seems to work as part of your influencer marketing campaign and can increase your consumer engagement by 300 percent.

2. Don’t fall into the trap of Fake Influencers

The size of Instagram influencer market is currently almost a billion dollar, and also the number is going to increase by end of 2018.

No wonder this space is highly competitive, with large amounts of money at stake. Some people can’t resist a desire to make a speedy dollar and change the principles of the influencer marketing.

They purchase engagement and followers, making the full idea of promoting an internet store with their own audience irrational.

If you take a closer look at the fake influencer’s account, you will be able to find the fraud. Some potential indicators for such accounts:-

Very less engagement rate,
– Fewer views on profile and videos,
– Spammy comments (eg, “awesome!”, “nice!”, “delightful!”), and
– Pointless content that has amazingly generated large engagement.

3. Trust your influencers with content creation

Marketers are proficient in writing business content, however influencers discuss a common speech by making use of their followers and may motivate them to go to an online shop and make a buy.

Here, they have an essential gain – a special personality that has attracted many individuals, and trust they have built with their subscribers. Influencers understand that their audience and also understand precisely what model of advertisements could better resonate with this.

4. Analyse the effectiveness of your campaign

Critics say it’s tough to find out the value of influence. In fact, the actual efficiency of an influencer advertising program can be measured.

A key performance index to monitor comes out from an initial business objective. Say for example, if the intention is to announce that the launching of your brand, the number of impressions will likely show the number of men and women this particular information reached.

A growth in new followers will suggest you your social media growth from this campaign. Here, difficulties could arise you are using more influencers to boost your brand.

5. Be resourceful

A cliché start of influencer marketing utilized by the majority of e-commerce companies and marketers means generating advertising content for profit or free samples.

Some companies go out of a traditional notion and create their own strategies to participate influencers. A company once didn’t purchase article posts but sponsored account for influencers. Surprisingly this worked out for them.

Influencers have a lot of benefits to offer to businesses. Having assembled trust with their audience, they can significantly bring about wide brand awareness and its promotion to some loyal audience. If you follow these simple tips to optimize your efforts, investments in influencer advertising programs will, for sure pay off.

How to Utilize Instagram Influencer Network to Drive Sales
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

If you’ve begun with influencer marketing campaigns for your own brand, you probably have started to check into tools to assist you to scale your efforts. You can accomplish this by utilizing an Instagram Influencer Network that will help you find and take care of the influencers you are dealing together.

It is definitely going save social media and marketing teams a whole lot of trouble when you reach into an influencer marketing platform that is aware of what they are doing.

Below are some crucial approaches you’ll be able to use an Instagram influencer network to drive ROI for your brand.

1. Achieve Your Target Audience

With any sort of advertising campaign, it’s important to ensure that you are achieving your intended market.

Even a superior Instagram influencer network may give you demographic information, which eliminates a lot of the guesswork that comes with attempting to accomplish folks through influencers.

An ideal method to receive your target market’s attention would be to meet where they utilize influencers they hope.

Even if you don’t have information on which viewers would respond to your brand’s content, networks need to have the ability to provide you that information.

Use partnerships and networks with influencers to determine what kind of content that they participate with, what kind of messaging they respond well to and also exactly what kind relationship they like to own with brands that they follow along on Instagram.

2. Spend Less Time Searching

As we discussed above, it can be a long and tedious procedure to find new influencers to get the job done together just by scrolling and searching through Instagram.

Working with platforms which connect you with influencers lets you scale your influencer advertising network immediately. At this time you may synthesize a huge set almost immediately and extend your brand’s get to.

With the help of an Instagram influencer network, you could save money cooperating with your influencers and less time sifting through the explore webpage. If you’ve applied for these programs with their fullest potentials, you find a huge number of influencers that really are a flawless fit for the brand.

With greater influencers in your circle, you’re immediately acquiring a larger volume of natural and organic content, growing brand name awareness and obtaining new clients.

Influencer networks permit you to make these gains more quickly as you’re ready to find and join with influencers more rapidly than you would with just one.

3. Assist Influencers Getting Real Engagement

One of the unhappy truths about Instagram is that the range of likes and opinions content receives could be deceiving.

Spam robots may be used to leave likes and irrelevant opinions in posts, making the false appearance of top involvement.

While working together with influencers, it’s critical that you just team up with individuals that receive real involvement on the posts. With social proofing staying this a valuable, yet overlooked form of ROI, it’s important to maintain a close eye on engagement rates.

Once you have found potential influencers within an influencer network, take a look at their posts to see what type of involvement they’re obtaining.

Are they receiving a good amount of comments compared with their own follower count? Are most of these likes from junk robots? You need to make sure that the content they’ll post along with your brand is reaching real, participated prospective customers.

All these are just a few ways by which Instagram influencer networks can assist you to gain massive consequences for your new brand. These networks are constructed to produce adopting influencers to your marketing plan, easy and powerful.

Why Influencer Marketing Have Become Critical to Brand Popularity
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

Brands are investing far more of their budget and time on Influencer Marketing. According to Bloglovin’ 63% of all entrepreneurs have significantly increased their budgets for influencer marketing campaigns in 2017. This growth in budget implies the brands know the price of influencer promotion and the way they are able to leverage it to boost their own performance.

Now you must be thinking, How exactly can influencer marketing assist brands?

Using the huge followings of influencers, the obvious advantage is that they help brands to achieve a bigger reach. Besides this, you’ll find more good reasons why influencer marketing have become critical to most brands’ popularity.


Influencers can engage with their followers by being their authentic selves. They express themselves through engaging and genuine content, which their followers look out for inspiration.

According to TapInfluence, 71.2 percent of influencers feel that their honesty and awareness of comedy is the thing that keeps their audience engaged.

That is why influencers are really great at producing genuine content about product or service they promote. Even the TapInfluence research additionally discovered the largest gain of influencer marketing is that it helps tell an authentic narrative story around their product.

This authenticity keeps an audience engaged even when it comes to promotional content created by influencers. Along with also an engaged market is far easier for brands to win over and convert into paying customers.


Branding is done in such a way where brands always try to win the hearts of your customers and generate a positive brand image. So that it’s no wonder that they use influencers to promote their brands as influencers can raise their positive brand sentiment.

You can benefit from Influence Marketing more effectively in the event where you purchase influencers who actually believe in your product. This genuine positive impression that the influencers have towards your own brand can help depict your new style in a favourable light.


54% of marketers at the Bloglovin’ intend to use influencer marketing to grow their social media marketing following and engagements. 53 percent use it to drive more sales, while 47% put it to use to drive visitors to their sites.

Besides that, 71% of all marketers in the analysis felt that influencer marketing will help them raise brand knowledge of interpersonal media.

67 percentage have said that it can help them reach even much more targeted viewers. But these aren’t the sole explanations for why brand names are utilizing influencers for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

So it really is crystal clear to see why brands choose influencer marketing as an effective a tool to overcome marketing challenges and get ahead among the competitors.

Having a very clear intention of influencing culture, setting upward up ventures with some of the most impactful artists and developing probably the very intriguing themes for your own product – whether it’s really a shoe or other things – you’ll be able to scale your business.

Because a cultural buzz needs to be created; as well as the single way to really skyrocket that buzz would be always to have people talk about your product in a sense that’s significant and profound.

How to Find and Build Relationship with Social Media Influencers?
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

Influencer Marketing campaigns, if done correctly, can produce word of mouth marketing and customer development, resulting in influencers become a brand face for companies.

Brand new ambassadors might help generate engaging and fun organic content for the new brand to a frequent basis and guide campaigns by way of email, social and marketing and also assist you to boost events you participate in.

As a way to prevent missteps and selecting someone only based on their number of followers, make sure you summarize goals you want the influencer effort to reach and do your homework on influencers.

Here, I’ll be emphasizing what to create a plan for influencer marketing campaigns and how exactly to obtain the best social networking influencers for the brand.

Involving social networking influencers in your marketing is the tradition of building relationships with those who may create relationships for you personally.

Whether an influencer’s audience is large or small, he can get to your target audience by using their blog articles and social networks that your new brand may possibly not be able to.

Having a Plan for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As stated early, working with influencers may help place a face to an own brand and humanize the company. However, how do you really go about creating a strategy to find influencers and conduct marketing campaigns with real goals?

You would like to thoroughly plan out what you are attempting to do. Are you launching a new product or service? Can it be an event you’re organizing or attending? Could it be really a promotion/contest you’re seeking to gain more entrances?

If you’re looking for an influencer to talk about some video helping to boost your indie film design, are you willing to offer them distinctive tickets into the world premiere or some networking screener which has a tiny gift? What about offering them a opportunity to tour the record of one’s upcoming movie or maybe a cameo on screen?

Finding The Right Social Media Influencers

If you want to have an influencer to compose a blog post, review your product or buzz up an occasion, then you have to consider what you’re willing to offer influencers in return.

Are you really going to be sending them various products to review 3 times/year? Are you going to have exclusive VIP functions that they’re going to certainly be invited to? Are you currently expecting them to post 4X promotion on Facebook, Twitter as well as do an Instagram take on your service?

After you’ve got the general frame for influencer campaigns set up, you’re able to tailor it to suit certain campaigns for many influencers.

As you search for influencers, then you need to think about the criteria you are searching for:

1. What type of content influencer is sharing and do they have an audience which is relevant to your own brand? Would my audience trust this social media influencer and be engaged with the articles?

2. Does the influencer possess enough audience that the content we create/promote jointly can carry my brand value?

Make certain you get your outreach little by little. Do not approach influencers off the bat using an offer of a new partnership. Start with following them, engage with them by commenting on their personal articles/posts.

Now let’s talk about, How to find Social Media Influencers on major Social Media channels?

On Twitter

Since you probably know, Twitter’s complex search functionality is helpful to start looking for the latest news, events and noteworthy Twitter handles.

Start with searching Hashtags will allow one to find out who is talking in regards to a particular topic like #feelingfestive or who explains as being a #socialmediainfluencer.

From there, you’ll have an idea that who is sharing articles that are highly relevant to your own brand and you also can start implementing them sharing their updates and also making an attempt to engage with them by commenting on their posts.

On Instagram

Going through your Instagram followers can be a great approach to discover micro influencers.

Have a look at exactly what your followers really are posting about, including the reach of their posts of course, should they’ve been sharing your updates?

In case your brand is in those same industries, they may be interested in starting a relationship with your company.

Just like on Twitter, you might even search for powerful hashtags such as #OrganicEdibles, #food or even #fitness. You’re going to get yourself a set of top photos using some of these hashtags who have maximum engagements. Simply take a peek at the reports that published those pics and see if they’d work as a micro influencer to your own brand.

If you are a gym or gym facility, you can offer them passes to a facility to test out training plus a couple other courses.

Networking with industry Influencers has for a long time been a successful marketing tactic.

Do a great job and you will develop far more social media influence for you as well as your brand. You’ll definitely improve your SEO by escalating influential social shares. And ultimately, you will be pushing more traffic to your website.

3 Steps to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaign a Success
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

Just before the internet, many marketing campaigns applied traditional advertising: television, magazines, and papers. Today, the landscape is different.

The most effective marketing campaigns utilize influencers to spread the word. Influencers, in basic terms, are all people who other folks follow or listen to.

There exist a good ground behind this: we trust recommendations from people we already know and follow.

This trend has become much more popular during the last couple of decades.

A report from a leading company suggested that 92% of buyers anticipate recommendations from family members and good friends a lot more than every other kind of advertisements.

Digital influencers are leaders within their communities, together with powerful interpersonal networks along with industry-wide reliability. This means that they may be a critical part of your promotion tactic. Thus how do you really go about attaining those influencers? Exactly what will be the crucial actions in devising a solid influencer marketing effort?

Let’s go over three simple steps to make your Influencer Marketing Campaign a success –

1. Identify Your Viewers

The very first step is to identify your audience: only establish a connection to a specific set of audience pertaining to your campaign – perhaps not exactly the influencers, but the individuals who are going to purchase your product or service. It’s going to assist if you get into details.

Pay attention to certain demographics, like age, gender, income level, location, and interests. You may have seen up to now that it’s quite similar to a traditional advertising and marketing campaign.

But here is the gap. Do not only think about who you are trying to sell to. You also have to figure out how to best interact with them. Ask yourself which programs that they are frequently into. Are they more likely to spend time on Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, or a different social media channel? Which types of articles, they will be interested in? These are all prime channels that your centre audience will utilize to follow influencers and fundamentally, reach you and your brand.

Remember: the undertaking of identifying your audience encircles narrowing in on the demographics and finding their digital preferences.

2. Choose the Right Influencers

As soon as you get a very clear image of your audience, it’s time to identify influencers who can best attain them as well become a source of powerful real connection to your own product.

For example, Ronaldo has a huge following, however, he’ll not be of much use if your goal is to offer Wooden Chairs.

If you’re attempting to market Pilates lessons to females in the Tampa Bay region, don’t just find some bloggers to relay this information. Alternatively, target your search on female writers that are well being and exercise fanatics, are now living in central Florida, and also have a strong following of devoted female readers.

Once you’ve narrowed the pool, then it is time to reach out to them.

3. Provide Influencers Reason to Talk about Your Brand

Once you have made contact with a blogger, then you need to give them something to talk about.

They desire a lot more than fundamental merchandise info. Give them samples of one’s product or service, or even inquire whether they’d like to run a contest (and you should supply the prizes).

Most importantly, provide them quality content they can use over and over again. You are not trying to compose the blog for them, however, you can make the job much easier. Attention-grabbing photos, videos, and infographics add price, as do exclusive news and intriguing information.

Keep in mind that maybe not everything has to be about your merchandise. Give bloggers things they can use more frequently, for example, anything that’s amusing or fun.

Lastly, when you find several quality bloggers, you may want to ask them to compose blogs for your own brand.

You may most likely need to make up for them, but there are two advantages to this particular relationship. To begin with, it goes without saying that bloggers appreciate being monetarily rewarded for their love of voice and also thought leadership.

Consequently, they’re probably going to produce themselves more open to you personally and will soon also be a whole lot more flexible with blogging on quite a few themes and on quick deadlines.

Secondly, you have the benefit of attracting their crowd directly from their social media reach. This provides you with the chance to come up with an immediate relationship with a brand new and built-in client base.

How Influencers Can Boost Your Content Strategy
April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

Influencers are people who have the ability, because of their knowledge or power in a niche, which helps them influence customer choices. Just like Hollywood has celebs and fashion industry has models.The internet is just the same.

Social influencers are bloggers, industry pros or social media enthusiasts who’ve developed loyal and large followings by being interesting, intriguing, engaging, humorous, and most importantly – a human. This link produces a bond between social influencers and their fans and followers that give these influencers unprecedented power.

Many influencers won’t be world-famous celebs, but they should really be well-versed in your own industry. These influencers can really pump the effect of your articles promoting strategy, whenever these influencers are contributing articles on your blog, sharing your own content writing or talking about your products on their website.

There are various reasons to put money into influencer marketing. Here are three you may not have heard about earlier.

1. Influencers can keep articles relevant.

Influencers commit daily in the trenches together with their audiences, so they know the market a lot better than anyone else.

Partnering with them by the beginning of a project or campaign can provide brand names with a few added insights.

2. Customers trust other customers

Because the relationship involving an influencer and their audience is built on transparency, a friendly suggestion from a trustworthy influencer will be three to five 10 times more inclined to convert a customer.

3. Influencers will cut through the clutter.

If fans get a mail or visit a social post from someone they readily follow, they truly are far more inclined to open that email or select that connection compared to exactly the exact same message from some new that they may be familiar with but don’t have a personal close connection.

How to Partner with Influencers to Amplify Your Content Marketing Campaign?

Make certain you have a clear plan of what role you will giving to influencers in content marketing strategy before you purchase them on board.

Simply creating content and asking them to talk about it is not good for a sustainable and long-term relationship.

Create a plan for how they’ll be included in your articles campaigns. Keep following points in mind while you make a move ahead –

1. Consult with influencers on what matters are driving involvement in your industry and then platforms to use to accomplish your target viewers.

2. Give your influencers a sample of your articles. Think about sending a pre-publication draft to them to get a good quote to add in the articles or on relevant landing pages.

3. A good influencer marketing tactic is to exchange guest interviews or posts. Thus giving the influencer as well as also your company a new system to market one another’s makes.

4. You can take your market search to the next level by collaborating with influencers on an all-inclusive and engagement-focused information program. Influencers are generally good at creating engaging articles and this, in turn, can completely transform your content advertising efforts.

SocialCxN is a all-in-one platform that helps influencers and brands collaborate to run influencer marketing campaigns. It also allows influencers to act as consultants to brands. Brands can obtain relevant industry information or likes of target audience by hiring influencers as consultants.

Many times Influencers are mistreated as a result of brands who just wanted to buy their audiences (generally with inexpensive giveaways), but most authentic, long-lasting influencers have captured on and are highly protective of their people. Gain their trust by being worthy of it and make influencer marketing a partnership.

Start paying attention to, what is driving conversations in your sector, and get to understand them. When an influencer is a superior match for the own brand, and you are prepared to make it well worth their time, setting a real relationship will be easier than you could think.

Helpful Tips for Launching an Influencer Marketing Campaign
April 5, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

For a long time, businesses have utilised digital channels to grow their reach and also increase traffic to their websites. A lot of businesses have exhausted resources into creating onsite content, curating social channels, email promotion, and other paid or organic media marketing. While investing in these areas usually do yield consequences, they are sometimes expensive and tough for small businesses.

However, influencer promotion is a strategy that makes it possible for small businesses to amplify marketing reach without a tremendous upfront or continuing investment.

Any business can make an influencer promoting effort in the ground up that is scalable and more affordable.

Here are 3 helpful tips for launching a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign:

1. Understand Exactly What Influencer Advertising Really Means

Before executing an influencer marketing campaign, you first need to understand what influencer marketing really means.

Think of influencer marketing as a new digital model of recommendations advertising.

As a new brand, your reach is often confined to followers – people that already come to your site, those that follow you on social networking sites or people who email you have collected.

This advantage is both finite and succumbs into regulations of diminishing returns once you constantly bombard customers along with your message.

Influencer Marketing lets you expand your achieve exponentially by leveraging somebody else’s influence or those who follow them.

Much like word of mouth promotion, your small business gains authenticity by having any peripheral influencer speaking the value or benefits of your brand.

The purpose of influencer promotion is to raise brand awareness and following conversions to get your business.

2. Document your plan.

When you have an understanding of influencer marketing, the next step is to create a real plan.

It is stated that around 65% of content marketers don’t possess a documented strategy.

Do not create that mistake by means of your influencer campaigns; take time to create your internal targets and anticipations. Afterall, how can you measure your own campaigns if you have no benchmark to evaluate it against?

This record needs to pay for your own expectations to every single individual influencer; a course of action prerequisites, like submitting work with branding and approval, like linking and language.

3. Know Where to Get and How to Select Relevant Influencers

Everything till now has focused on planning and strategy. Now, let us get to the meat of the work which is the process of finding influencers, accumulating contact information and pitching your own undertaking.

When you are searching for related influencers, then the most important question to answer is always “what stage is the audience on?” Small, neighbourhood businesses can find their target audience is about Yelp or community blogs. E-commerce businesses might require targeting distinctive platforms, including like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, depending on the industry.

Knowing the platform, spend some time on such platform looking for the proper influencers. All these men and women have to be active in the appropriate community, possess an image, and also above all, be relevant to your business or brand. The further credible and relevant that they are, the better outcome you will find.

Once you create a list of applicable influencers, uncover their contact details. If you are using social media, you can convey via this platform’s messaging system.

Briefly describe why you are achieving out and also the benefit of that influencer dealing with you personally.

In addition, it will not damage to ego-bait them by highlighting something they have written or shared previously. This can help you immediately break up the barrier and also discover common ground. When you have silenced their curiosity, answer any questions they need about your own expectations.

If you do not have time to invest to find the right influencers and create an influencer marketing workflow, use SocialCxN – a one-stop platform for running your influencer marketing campaigns. From finding influencers to making payments and measuring ROI of your campaigns – you can do it all on the same platform.

Influencer marketing is an excellent way for businesses to grow their business online with no huge expenditure.

As you acquire more experience with influencer marketing, you’re going to be able to diversify and personalize your own program to your unique desires. However, when you’re just starting off, then you’re want to keep in mind to focus on establishing an organized plan, choosing the appropriate influencer and continuing to track your influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Trends for 2018
April 5, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

It’s not wrong to say that 2017 has been the year of influencer marketing and is now an important aspect of online marketing that marketers can’t ignore. Marketers flocked into influencers in hoards to help market their goods and services to engaged customers.

Don’t anticipate this trend to stop any time soon. Influencer marketing will continue to function as considered a driving power for brands to grow their audience and improve sales through social media in 2018.

Question is, what do you do to find the absolute most out of influencer advertisements this year? Will the same approaches from 2017 pay off in 2018?

Let us look at how to be successful with influencer marketing and trends to follow in 2018:

1. Don’t Limit Your Influencer Marketing to Instagram

A lot of brands and entrepreneurs often associate influencer marketing with just Instagram.

In fact, one particular survey found the Instagram has been #1 social media platform for 92 percent influencers at 2017.

While Instagram is likely to keep at the top of the list, which doesn’t mean that you should ignore any other channel.

Exactly the same survey revealed that influencers are also active on Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube at the same time.

In 2018, think about other platforms too to work with influencers. While you might not reach exactly the same variety of individuals as you’d on Instagram, you might produce a greater ROI by involving more platforms.

Additionally, remember perhaps not all of influencers are around Instagram and YouTube.

2. Begin to Use Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing has started to become more common now. Two of the biggest issues brands sometimes ran into is searching influencers and managing those connections.

Let’s look at how the overall process tends to seem like:

– Browse through Instagram or even YouTube looking for those that are a good match.

– Send them a DM or email in case that you find their current email address on their account.

– Return forth and back for some time negotiating the terms of the partnership.

– Once you come to an agreement, mail proposal and then await the influencer to execute.

– Always come up with a scrappy way to track your partnership.

While that process can work, there is a growing amount of platforms and also influencer marketing resources to make your daily life far simpler.

One of the popular tools you can make use of include SocialCXN, you will find influencers and a system with a workflow for Influencer Marketing.

In 2018, start to explore diverse influencer advertising tools to successfully generate workflows and procedures for the campaigns. Not only does it save you enough time, but nevertheless, it’ll also help you measure your performance.

3. A Bigger Pool of Influencers to Work With

Brands aren’t the only ones discovering the growing prevalence of influencer advertising. The normal person using a 9-5 job has attained that nearly anybody can become an influencer.

The truth is that social media influencer has become an actual career that people are looking forward to.

For brands, this means you may expect to have a lot more influencers to select from, and it is exceptionally beneficial.

A bigger pool of influencers means a lower barrier for your brands. You might not be able to pay for the top 1 percent of influencers, however, you are going to be able to do the job with micro-influencers who also possess a substantial amount of followers.

Remember, the value of influencers is not their follower count. It’s their capacity to capture the eye of their crowd, no matter what size it is.

Influencer marketing has become very popular for a single reason – it works. But there are no guarantees.

Simply committing someone with 50,000 followers to share with you your own post on Instagram won’t automatically attract in waves of sales.

Stay at the top of all the trends above to find the most from influencer marketing and determine real results.

March 25, 2018 Zain Kazi

SocialCxN is an automated, BlockChain-based Influencer Marketing platform that provides managed services to key stakeholders: Brands and Influencers. SocialCxN’s revolutionary enterprise version has taken the industry by storm. It continues to tap into the potential, so far neglected in the industry.

Working with SocialCxN, one of the contemporary benefits Brands and Influencers can reap is the coordination, administration, and organization which oversees the key concerns of all stakeholders involved in a campaign.

www.socialcxn.com 📈

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There’s a growing need for better organization, communication and as well as a systematic approach towards the whole mechanism. For Brands, there are key decisions to be taken before mapping out a new campaign for future. This is where SocialCxN’s ROI proposition provides the competitive edge to Brands in the longer run.

SocialCxN has clear (ROI) Return on Investment propositions and here are its long-term benefits to Brands:

Every campaign is driven by real data

Brands have access to key insights and Influencer profiles, where important data and statistics are available. Whether it is a number of likes or followers, reputation as in ratings and costs per influencer – all help in making key assessments before launching a campaign.

Cross-border payments? No longer an issue

SocialCxN’s ICO program oversees this problem effectively. All Influencers are registered as Token Community members on board the platform and payments are made through tokens. So, if it’s about sitting in Mexico and paying an Influencer in Croatia – it’s all under control!

A complete and managed audit of efficiency and safeguard against fraud and delayed work

The Influencer Marketing industry is swamping of this problem. SocialCxN’s productivity based platform ensures to deliver the right value and return on every investment made by Brands. Through Smart Contracts, all processes are automated and time and work quality are never compromised.

Brands can engage with Content Creators worldwide

SocialCxN has been launched in 3 countries over the past 6 months and it continues to grow. The platform has a pool of Influencers on board, coming from an array of backgrounds and demographics. The diversity level is an all-time high, which surely provides Brands with a greater choice and taking better decisions in building their campaigns.

Brands can effectively assess ROI based on historical data provided by SocialCxN

Saving costs, determining the right price, it’s all possible once past references and historical data is made available for future assessments. Historic data allows a Brand to determine full year or individual campaign ROI and take key decisions based on it.

Follow SocialCxN; if you have any questions, reach out to support@socialcxn.com.

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