Here Are the Kickass, Long-term Benefits of Working with SocialCxN for Brands

March 25, 2018 Zain Kazi

SocialCxN is an automated, BlockChain-based Influencer Marketing platform that provides managed services to key stakeholders: Brands and Influencers. SocialCxN’s revolutionary enterprise version has taken the industry by storm. It continues to tap into the potential, so far neglected in the industry.

Working with SocialCxN, one of the contemporary benefits Brands and Influencers can reap is the coordination, administration, and organization which oversees the key concerns of all stakeholders involved in a campaign.

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There’s a growing need for better organization, communication and as well as a systematic approach towards the whole mechanism. For Brands, there are key decisions to be taken before mapping out a new campaign for future. This is where SocialCxN’s ROI proposition provides the competitive edge to Brands in the longer run.

SocialCxN has clear (ROI) Return on Investment propositions and here are its long-term benefits to Brands:

Every campaign is driven by real data

Brands have access to key insights and Influencer profiles, where important data and statistics are available. Whether it is a number of likes or followers, reputation as in ratings and costs per influencer – all help in making key assessments before launching a campaign.

Cross-border payments? No longer an issue

SocialCxN’s ICO program oversees this problem effectively. All Influencers are registered as Token Community members on board the platform and payments are made through tokens. So, if it’s about sitting in Mexico and paying an Influencer in Croatia – it’s all under control!

A complete and managed audit of efficiency and safeguard against fraud and delayed work

The Influencer Marketing industry is swamping of this problem. SocialCxN’s productivity based platform ensures to deliver the right value and return on every investment made by Brands. Through Smart Contracts, all processes are automated and time and work quality are never compromised.

Brands can engage with Content Creators worldwide

SocialCxN has been launched in 3 countries over the past 6 months and it continues to grow. The platform has a pool of Influencers on board, coming from an array of backgrounds and demographics. The diversity level is an all-time high, which surely provides Brands with a greater choice and taking better decisions in building their campaigns.

Brands can effectively assess ROI based on historical data provided by SocialCxN

Saving costs, determining the right price, it’s all possible once past references and historical data is made available for future assessments. Historic data allows a Brand to determine full year or individual campaign ROI and take key decisions based on it.

Follow SocialCxN; if you have any questions, reach out to support@socialcxn.com.

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