SocialCxN Selected by Europe’s Top Corporate Venture Accelerator for Partnership

July 22, 2018 Press Release

‘TheJourney.pt’, Europe’s leading accelerator for Global Tourism & Hospitality Industry has joined hands with SocialCxN. With this exciting partnership, SocialCxN will be working with top global brands in this business segment to help disrupt the Tourism industry globally! Key focus areas would be Customer Care, Ambassador Programs, New Business Development, Social Listening, and eCommerce.

Out of hundreds of start-ups that applied worldwide to this program, SocialCxN is one of 20 that have been selected by ‘TheJourney.pt’ for this partnership. That is a great achievement indeed!!!

Corporate Brands managing ‘TheJourney.pt’ recognize influencer marketing as a critical tool. Led by SocialCxN, these global brands plan to transform how marketing is done in the said industry – taking things to a whole different level.

The digital presence of target consumers for brands backing ‘TheJourney.pt’ across the globe is in billions. Social media is the leading wing where users spend a majority of their time daily. Among them are profiles that are known to make an impact on their followers and users in general. Today’s marketing world recognizes them as “influencers” as influencer marketing is starting to become the mainstream.

Headquartered in the United States and has operations in different countries, SocialCxN is partnering with brands and companies coming from different sectors. The platform has expanded its horizon, proving to be effective for a diverse range of businesses. It specializes in services that businesses from diverse industries are effectively benefitting from, which is why ‘TheJourney.pt’, being Europe’s top accelerator has joined hands with SocialCxN.

The marketing prospect is now biased towards the digital world. Since the mainstream status is rapidly shifting towards digital and with influencer marketing being the outright option for brands, SocialCxN’s managed services are providing the real deal to stakeholders at large. Influencer marketing is still a juvenile industry in many countries around the world. Certain conventional methods and practices are rampant and this is where SocialCxN’s automated platform is making a difference.

SocialCxN is looking to create an exciting partnership and all eyes of the industry experts and analysts in Europe are on it now. For SocialCxN, working with global brands backing ‘TheJourney.pt’ would be a monumental experience. Possibilities are endless in the Tourism & Hospitality vertical and SocialCxN is looking to create a significant difference with this partnership.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us page…

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