SocialCxN selected by Leading Research Firm as one of the Best Marketing Software Startups in the US

July 22, 2018 Press Release

SocialCxN bags a spectacular feat! HFS Research, which is one of the leading tech-research companies in the world, has recognized SocialCxN as one of the best digital startups in the social media marketing vertical. HFS research officially declares SocialCxN as a top player in the technology space in the United States and has been labeled as a ’must-have software vendor’ for B2C and B2C Corporations.

SocialCxN was selected from a pool of thousands of technology ventures globally. It is a platform that effectively engages brands and influencers, connecting both parties to run social media campaigns to target existing and potential customers.

We know that the prospect of marketing and advertising is ever-evolving with the digital world being the source of endless opportunities. Social media leads at the front, having billions of users consuming content constantly. Users having big profiles in terms of following are being recognized as “influencers”, who could sway the purchasing power of a larger audience. This is influencer marketing 101 and it is taking over the world by storm.

Leading brands and Fortune 500 companies are switching towards influencer marketing as the priority. Considering how our lives are intertwined with the digital spectrum, influencer marketing is becoming the next big thing. SocialCxN is elevating productivity in the process, utilizing automated tools to cater to both, brands and influencers. Having Fortune 500 brands onboard, SocialCxN can gauge their campaigns in numbers, use transparent results and benefit from clear ROI propositions.

Known as HfS Hot Vendors, it is a group of emerging companies with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice™. It is a status granted on a company’s distinctiveness in its business proposition, business model, and offerings, its ecosystem, financial position and impact on clients.

SocialCxN as one of the HfS Hot Vendors is recognized to have the strategy and vision to disrupt the market. Hand-picked by experts and analysts, HfS Hot Vendors are modeled to solve one of the biggest problems in business and capture opportunities flying around in the market.

The research also cites the platform’s automated approach to everything as profoundly a better practice in providing a smart and streamlined support in engaging campaigns on digital networks and effectively managing brand-influencer interactions. SocialCxN utilizes a blockchain to see through all exchange and it is one of the technological breakthroughs which makes a massive difference.

The research yielded first-hand feedback from SocialCxN’s clients. It is revealed that clients increasingly find SocialCxN a platform to tap into the potential which was left out in the market. Putting social media impressions and clicks to use, the platform is better at recognizing the area and making a strong impact with successfully utilized digital campaigns. You can download the original HFS here or contact us for more info.

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