Why Influencer Marketing Have Become Critical to Brand Popularity

Why Influencer Marketing Have Become Critical to Brand Popularity

April 6, 2018 Rohan Chaubey

Brands are investing far more of their budget and time on Influencer Marketing. According to Bloglovin’ 63% of all entrepreneurs have significantly increased their budgets for influencer marketing campaigns in 2017. This growth in budget implies the brands know the price of influencer promotion and the way they are able to leverage it to boost their own performance.

Now you must be thinking, How exactly can influencer marketing assist brands?

Using the huge followings of influencers, the obvious advantage is that they help brands to achieve a bigger reach. Besides this, you’ll find more good reasons why influencer marketing have become critical to most brands’ popularity.


Influencers can engage with their followers by being their authentic selves. They express themselves through engaging and genuine content, which their followers look out for inspiration.

According to TapInfluence, 71.2 percent of influencers feel that their honesty and awareness of comedy is the thing that keeps their audience engaged.

That is why influencers are really great at producing genuine content about product or service they promote. Even the TapInfluence research additionally discovered the largest gain of influencer marketing is that it helps tell an authentic narrative story around their product.

This authenticity keeps an audience engaged even when it comes to promotional content created by influencers. Along with also an engaged market is far easier for brands to win over and convert into paying customers.


Branding is done in such a way where brands always try to win the hearts of your customers and generate a positive brand image. So that it’s no wonder that they use influencers to promote their brands as influencers can raise their positive brand sentiment.

You can benefit from Influence Marketing more effectively in the event where you purchase influencers who actually believe in your product. This genuine positive impression that the influencers have towards your own brand can help depict your new style in a favourable light.


54% of marketers at the Bloglovin’ intend to use influencer marketing to grow their social media marketing following and engagements. 53 percent use it to drive more sales, while 47% put it to use to drive visitors to their sites.

Besides that, 71% of all marketers in the analysis felt that influencer marketing will help them raise brand knowledge of interpersonal media.

67 percentage have said that it can help them reach even much more targeted viewers. But these aren’t the sole explanations for why brand names are utilizing influencers for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

So it really is crystal clear to see why brands choose influencer marketing as an effective a tool to overcome marketing challenges and get ahead among the competitors.

Having a very clear intention of influencing culture, setting upward up ventures with some of the most impactful artists and developing probably the very intriguing themes for your own product – whether it’s really a shoe or other things – you’ll be able to scale your business.

Because a cultural buzz needs to be created; as well as the single way to really skyrocket that buzz would be always to have people talk about your product in a sense that’s significant and profound.

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